Why we exist -

  • N.X.T. EFFECT™ is a high-tech, modern health & wellness fitness facility that prides ourselves in providing an experience you will never forget on your fitness journey. We introduce you to a world where when technology (robot type machines) , artificial intelligence, and data are combined, results are just inevitable.
  • Unlike your classical gym model, our model is based on 4 pillars: Fitness, Nutrition, Recovery & Accountability
  • N.X.T. EFFECT™ is truly Revolutionizing the fitness arena with our data and technology approach (much like Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc.) by collecting data on all clients both inside and outside of the gym
  • With our artificial intelligence/robotic machines (and some outside vendors) we can home in on what is working and what is not. With that information, we continuously adjust your program as we see fit.
  • We then put all clients on a nutrition plan/program to maximize their results. We then track their consumption to educate on nutritional value.
  • Weekly weigh-ins on our 3D Body Scanner to track results and modify program
  • Monthly meetings with clients to review results, nutrition plan, address any concerns and/or questions, create goal for next month.

Who we are -

A full-service, 24/7, luxury environment which supports health, wellness, and fitness. We break the mold of the traditional rows of weights and machines, while we have free-weights and the most state of the art equipment those are tools available but not our premise for existing, we take it to the N.X.T. level.

Owners Will Flaherty & Dominick Iaconis
Owners Will Flaherty & Dominick Iaconis
Seth Lewis

Seth Lewis

Jayme Cleveland

Jayme Cleveland


Here at N.X.T. Effect™ you will find a plethora of offerings in a portfolio of options that range from:

  • One-on-one personal training, coaching, and consultations
  • Nutrition planning, tracking, as well as habit coaching and counseling
  • Accountability that doesn’t stop when you exit our doors

You aren’t merely a client; you have a one-on-one assigned fitness coach who is dedicated to your success. The program is tailored to your needs, potential limitations, and will be your guide and support every step of the way - until your goals are exceeded!

  • Daily check-ins through our app
  • Monthly consultations and weigh-ins
  • 3D Body Scanning to track all areas of transformation beyond the traditional scale

The best part is, not only do you have access to everything above, but also access to the most advanced, industry leading, state-of-the-art, artificial intelligence machine ARX & AllCore! Our comprehensive approach turns a one-hour plus workout to a condensed 30-minutes.

We understand that true wellness requires a focus on recovery, which takes your results to new heights. Our recovery options include:

  • • Normatec Muscle Compression
  • • Dry Sauna
  • • I.V. Therapy in our drip lounge (coming-soon)

Whatever you need, whatever you want, we have it.

We believe it’s time to make your fitness dreams come true - are you ready to experience the N.X.T. Effect™?


Open Gym Hours


Other Service Hours

Mon-Sat: 5am - 10pm
Sun: 6am - 9pm

720 Van Rensselaer St.
Suite 203
Syracuse, NY 13204

T: (315) 289-8847
E: info@nxteffect.com


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